Nissan GTR R35 2013 Ver VRS Style FRP Front fender with louver fin (Inc 6 fins, side maker use F51 Fuga) - USA WAREHOUSE

商品料號(SKU): (C-R35-FF-VA)

Fiber Glass

Fiber Glass Body Kits; bumpers Lips side skirts spoilers fender and hoods are made out of high quality fiber glass. Finishing in black or white gel-caoted and comes with wire mesh if applicable.

Portion Carbon

Spoiler blade & end cap (in some model) comes in glossy carbon fiber, 2 side stand finsihed in black or white gel-coated, need prime & paint. Comes with wire mesh if applicable.

Custom Order

We can custom carbon weave & pattern for you. For example, twill or plain weave, yellow/red/Blue kelvar, forge carbon & honeycomb etc.

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ModelGT-R (R35)
Body Style2 DOOR COUPE
Style13 VER VRS
WarningThese products are intended for off-road or track use only, unless your local and state laws state otherwise.
NotesAll these handcrafted product might need minor adjustment while fittingRecommend professional body shop for installation